Group Therapy

Guided Healing Enhanced by Peers

Group therapy is a unique therapeutic environment where healing takes place in a group of peers. Instead of the therapist offering interventions, the therapist guides group members to support, encourage, and gently confront one another to make positive growth. Individuals in group therapy report that it is very validating to know that there are others who have struggled with similar problems, and that advice from peers is uniquely helpful.

There are different types of group therapy offered by mental health professionals (psychoeducational, supportive, cognitive-behavioral, process/insight oriented, etc), but Dr. Williams' experience is that therapy groups that encourage individuals to relate to each other are the most effective. A lot can be learned about how to improve your relationships by being in group therapy.

Dr. Williams has extensive experience in leading group therapy in both inpatient and outpatient settings, and conducts insight oriented therapy groups that are typically psychodynamic in nature. Dr. Williams' current group therapies include:

- Healing Unresolved Childhood Trauma, Loss, and Neglect
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